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These games rely on some thought in solving, I personally enjoy these types of games the best, it makes the mind work and thereby stronger. They are aimed at the older child and adult. So enjoy.


Tantrix - Stonewall - Cathedral
enjoy the following I do

Tantrix is an elegant coffee-table strategy game from New Zealand. The intriguing mixture of skill and chance makes Tantrix fun for the whole family, yet utterly addictive as a serious two-player strategy game.

Stonewall was developed from the fertile imaginations of three friends and artists living in Katikati, New Zealand. Consumate game players and always on the search for the most fun possible, the trio combined years of experience in their mis-spent youth into what they consider the ultimate board game - Stonewall.


Tantrix Discovery Wooden CODE $16

Tantrix Discovery Metal

CODE $16

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Tantrix Discovery (ages 6-106)

The perfect introduction to Tantrix - each Tantrix Discovery set contains 10 colour-coded, numbered tiles, which are enough for ten graded solitaire puzzles. While almost everyone can solve the simplest puzzle with just three tiles, everyone finds a level at which the puzzles become challenging and intriguing as the number of tiles increases. As a result, Tantrix Discovery appeals widely to people of all ages and abilitles. No wonder it was voted "Puzzle of the Year" in Australia!

The later solutions are hard to remember and in some cases there is more than one solution, so you can have fun with your set again and again. In fact, if you really want a challenge, why not add a second Discovery set, then you can work your way up to a puzzle with 20 tiles, or even more ...

Tantrix Discovery tiles are available in classic black, fun marbled green or stylish marbled white. The puzzles are the same in each case, so you can choose the colour that suits your personality.

Discovery sets are available in mesh bags (perfect for travelling and for children to carry around with them) or in a wooden or chrome stand.

If you buy your set in a stand, why not master it, then leave it out on your coffee table and see how long it takes your family and friends to succumb to the temptation to pick it up and have a go!


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Tantrix Xtreme CODE $13

Tantrix Xtreme (ages 8-108)

The new Tantrix Xtreme puzzle is a more fiendish introduction to Tantrix - it contains eight loop puzzles that are similar to the Discovery puzzles but with an extra twist - no colour clues are given for each level. Two new 'pyramid'' puzzles that provide an even greater challenge complete the set.


Tantrix Game Pack CODE $42

Tantrix Game Pack (ages 6-106)

Tantrix is not just an intriguing collection of puzzles, it is also a wonderful game that is equally good as a fun family game for 2-4 players or as an elegant game of strategy mixed with an element of chance for two. Play it a few times and you'll probably become as addicted as the players you can meet on the www.tantrix.com site!

The TANTRIX GAME PACK contains 56 unique colour-coded, numbered tiles. These are supplied in an eye-catching and practical travel bag and with a 50 page booklet containing activities to last you a lifetime! No wonder it won the 2003 Good Toy Guide's Gold Award for Best Game ! To see everything contained in the Game Pack, please click here .

Why is the Game Pack SO good? Well ...

- anyone from age 8 upwards can play
- very few rules, so it is easy to get started
- the tiles feel great and make fascinating patterns
- it only takes about 30 minutes to play a complete game
- it can be played as a serious strategy game or just for fun
- each set includes extra solitaire puzzles too - see below
- friends can usually be introduced to the basics fairly quickly
- an element of chance, so it's fun even if one player is stronger
- ... but master the strategies and you will win more often than not !

The Tantrix Game Pack also contains Discovery puzzles (see above) up to no less than 30 tiles, five Rainbow puzzles, five Junior to Genius puzzles and two other puzzles ranging from tricky to almost impossible - one of them has never been fully solved without the aid of a computer!




Tantrix Solitaire
CODE $25



Race by the roll of the dice to the wall-change corner and back. Place walls as you move to amuse and bemuse and be the first home to win (don't get STOMPED or you'll start again!)

The travel edition is loved by travellers worldwide - it packs down smaller than a teeshirt and solves travel boredom problems forever. The board design is printed onto fabric, which folds in to the game piece bag. Playing and wall pieces are stained with non-toxic stains. $NZ45 plus post and packaging. Wholesale rates for both games are available upon application.

All Stonewall games are made form renewable timber resources by artists living sustainable lifestyles Stonewallers believe that having fun should not harm our mother Earth.

Stonewall games are for 2-4 players ages 8 and up Created in New Zealand
CONTENTS: Cloth game board and bag, 60 wooden walls - 12 triple, 24 double, 24 single, 4 wooden playing pieces, one dice, rules.
WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts - possible choking hazard.

Stonewall CODE $49


Cathedral - New Zealand Original

The standard model with all its buildings, is constructed of natural and stained New Zealand native White Tawa wood with a lacquer finish. The playing surface is made from Plantation Pine. Made in NZ.

Cathedral - New Zealand Original



Cathedral - Tournalux

The tournalux model with all its buildings, is constructed of natural and stained New Zealand native White Tawa wood with a lacquer finish. The playing surface is made from Plantation Pine. Identical to the standard except with larger dimensions. In 1962 Robert Moore, a young pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force at Wigram Airbase in Christchurch, was flying a training mission over the city and used the Cathedral in the centre square as a landmark. Some years later the vision of the Cathedral and the toy like buildings surrounding it gave birth to the game. Cathedral is based on the concept of a Mediaeval city surrounded by a wall. The limited space makes the two factions, light and dark, struggle to gain power in the city. The Cathedral is the focal point that mediates in the struggle and thus prevents one side from becoming to powerful.

Cathedral - Tournalux


Coming Soon

Cathedral World

Imagine a utopian global village, with 32 building structures from around the world… In the game of Cathedral World, the Great wall of China, the West Wailing Wall, the Wall of Marrakesh and the Zimbabwa Ruins define the space where....

Cathedral World





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